Make your business safe with Insight Safety

Insight Safety is a company which can deal with all levels of asbestos surveying, dealing with risk assessment and offering general health and safety services in the workplace. We provide services that deal with:


Regulations imposed in 2012 mean that trade companies and those involved in construction must have tighter controls on asbestos and those potentially working with or around it. Insight Safety is able to provide a complete survey that will identify areas of danger and remove asbestos safely, so that it does not pose a risk to employees. We can also provide a land contamination investigation and handle decontamination of the land in any areas that are affected by asbestos.


Legionella pneumophila is the causative agent of legionnaires’ disease, which can cause pneumonia-like symptoms and may result in death if left untreated. The legionella parasite is found in water and can be transmitted to humans via water droplets. This can cause problems in spas, fountains and even air conditioning. Insight Safety can perform a survey and test for legionella, and reduce or eliminate the risk of this parasite causing problems in workplaces.

Other services

Energy performance certificates – a survey will be conducted that effectively works out how energy efficient your premises are. You will be presented with a certificate that has recommendations for improving the efficiency of your property to reduce CO2 emissions.

Fire risk assessment – a fire risk assessment is a requirement in any premises that have more than five members of staff. The results of this will allow you to carry out any changes that are necessary to improve the fire safety of your premises, and put together an emergency plan that will keep staff safe in the event of a fire. We can carry out the risk assessment and help you make changes to improve fire safety.

Hazardous waste carriers – we are able to carry and dispose of various hazardous materials on behalf of your company, including asbestos, bitumen products, floor tiles and other composite materials. This enables you to dispose of these products safely and without causing a threat to the environment or any employees.