Insight Safety offer collection of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials Nationwide.

From the initiall communication with Insight Safety through to the safe collection and disposal of waste, we offer an unbeatable and hassle free Hazardous Waste Carriers service.

In Britain the amount of waste being produced is still steadily increasing . It is the waste producer that has been the target of key legislation and subsequently, it is now your responsibility to identify your waste and to determine in what way it should be handled and treated or when possible recycled. Waste recycling is no longer just associated with paper glass and metals. It now makes commercial sense to reduce and recycle all forms of waste.

As specialists in the transportation of asbestos we are able to carry asbestos materials and primarily non notifiable items such as asbestos cement, bitumen products, floor tiles and other composite materials. We can carry out small scale non notifiable asbestos removal. All of our Waste Carriers services are fully insured and carried out by competent trained personnel. As expert Waste Carriers Newcastle, and with vast, hands on experience in all related areas we can carry out an unbeatable service, every time.