Competitive Commercial and Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s). By fully qualified and accredited energy assessors. We provide the best possible EPC solutions in Newcastle, Durham, Gateshead, Chester le Street and all of the North East.

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The certificate is produced using specialist software which, following the site survey assessment by a specialist energy assessor, produces a certificate regarding the overall energy efficiency of your property against certain ‘benchmarks’ such as what the energy efficiency of the building would be if constructed in accordance with current building regulations and also if the property was typical of existing archetypal stock.

The software also produces a recommendation report which has suggestions towards improving the efficiency of your property in terms of reducing CO2 emissions by improving certain aspects in the way such things as lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation are managed and installed. The recommendation report also sets out how quickly costs can be recouped and financial savings made.

Why do I need an Energy Performance Certificate?

The EU EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) & UK Government (CLG) requires that existing commercial and dwellings be inspected for the purposes of energy assessment, and an Energy Performance Certificate is issued by a qualified energy assessor, to the building owner.

An EPC is a legal requirement when any building is constructed, rented or sold, the EPC will need reviewing when there has been modification to the HVAC system within commercial property. A building will need an Energy Performance Certificate if it has a roof and walls and uses energy to ‘condition an indoor climate’. This means it has heating, air conditioning or mechanical ventilation. For example, a garden shed would not need an EPC if it doesn’t have any heating.

It is not a legal requirement to act on the suggestions within the recommendation report. However doing so is likely to make your property more attractive for sale or rent by making it more energy efficient.

The building can either be a whole building or part of a building that has been designed or altered to be used separately. If a building is made up of separate units, each with its own heating system, each unit will need an Energy Performance Certificate.

The following building types do NOT require an EPC

Places of worship.

Temporary buildings that will be used for less than two years.

Standalone buildings with total useful floor area of less than 50 metres squared that aren’t used to provide living accommodation for a single household.

Industrial sites, workshops and non-residential agricultural buildings that don’t use a lot of energy, usually without any heating requirements at all.

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