Why does my business need a fire risk assessment?

fire risk assessment

A fire risk assessment means more than checking there is an extinguisher on site and there are no obstructions to exits. Sometimes the smallest thing can start the biggest fires, so ensuring regular, professional checks are carried out could even mean the difference between life and death.

It is the legal responsibility of the employer, occupier or owner of a business or industrial premises to have a fire risk assessment in place and performed by a competent person. Keeping staff and visitors – along with yourself – safe is of paramount importance. And if that isn’t reason enough, not doing so could result in a fine or even imprisonment.

Fires of any size can have a serious impact on your business and operations, with smoke damage often being as bad or even worse than the blaze itself.

By getting a professional – such as Insight Safety – in to do a check can ensure you are staying not only on the right side of the law, but protecting those on site, and your livelihood.

Insurance would also be void if a fire occurred and the relevant checks had not been carried out in accordance with the Fire Safety Order 2005. Insurers expect businesses to have met the law, and it would save a lengthy battle if the worst were to happen.

And if you have previously had a fire risk assessment it is important to follow up with regular reviews. Changes to the workplace and building could cause huge problems if a fire were to break out and a professional had not completed the relevant checks.

By getting in touch with Insight Safety you can ensure your building, including everyone and everything in it, is safe from risk of fire. Our assessors are trained to the highest standard and will advise you how to provide the safest possible environment while protecting your livelihood.