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Insight Safety – Services Provided

Insight Safety – Services Provided Here at Insight Safety, we are one of the leading asbestos consultancy companies in the UK. It is required by law that any non-domestic property built before the year 2000 within the UK has to be assessed for asbestos. Awareness training is also given to any responsible operatives associated with […]

Why does my business need a fire risk assessment?

fire risk assessment

A fire risk assessment means more than checking there is an extinguisher on site and there are no obstructions to exits. Sometimes the smallest thing can start the biggest fires, so ensuring regular, professional checks are carried out could even mean the difference between life and death. It is the legal responsibility of the employer, […]

Legionella discovered in Australian hospital

legionella services

The new year did not get off to a great start for a hospital in Queensland, Australia, when legionella was discovered in the water system used throughout the hospital. The discovery was made after a 46-year-old female patient was diagnosed with legionella pneumophila bacteria. The Wesley Hospital suffered a similar occurrence in 2013, when a […]

Detecting Legionella early to prevent disease

legionella services

The Legionella bacteria can cause a range of diseases, collectively known as Legionellosis, the most commonly known being Legionnaires’ disease. It is most deadly among those people who have weakened immune systems, such as the elderly, young or unwell, which is why outbreaks in hospitals so often lead to fatalities. It is an infection of […]

Make your business safe with Insight Safety

Insight Safety is a company which can deal with all levels of asbestos surveying, dealing with risk assessment and offering general health and safety services in the workplace. We provide services that deal with: Asbestos Regulations imposed in 2012 mean that trade companies and those involved in construction must have tighter controls on asbestos and […]

Insight Safety asbestos consultancy Ltd is now 14001 and 9001 certified

Ask any of our thousands of clients up and down the country and they’ll tell you: Insight Safety can solve any issues you have related to asbestos on your property quickly, affordably and effectively. And now, we are delighted to announce that our superb service has been awarded the highest level of approval, with both […]

When should you use professionals for asbestos removal?

If you’ve had an asbestos survey undertaken that has shown that asbestos is present on your premises, the next step in risk minimisation is obviously to manage the problem effectively. In many circumstances it’s possible to render the asbestos safe simply by encapsulating it; an affordable alternative where demolition or extensive renovations aren’t essential. Where […]